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Happy Mother’s Day to You All!

Mae Mui, the founder of Bai Tong Thai restaurant

A giving and caring person for Bai Tong Thai family!

When this time of the year comes, in May every year, all Bai Tong Thai family members always remind Mae Mui or Ms. Chanpen Lapanykura (Mae means mom in Thai), the founder of Bai Tong Thai restaurant.

Mae Mui is a thoughtful and caring person who always thinks about the people around her, and Bai Tong Thai restaurant was established because Mae Mui wanted her co-workers (crew members) to have good Thai food while they were in Seattle. So, she brought the best Thai chefs from Thailand here to cook for all the Thai airline’s crew members to make them feel like they were at home while working in Seattle. After that, the first Bai Tong Thai restaurant was founded in 1989 for all people who live and visit Seattle. You can read more about the history of Bai Tong Thai restaurant on our website.

Bai Tong Thai restaurant first location

For more than three decades, Bai Tong Thai restaurant keeps growing and expanding to other areas in Seattle and out of Washington state. The new generation of Mae Mui now taking care of Bai Tong Thai restaurant, and they have split out the new version of the Thai restaurant, which is an upscale Thai restaurant called Noi Thai cuisine. Noi Thai cuisine is located in downtown Seattle, Green Lake-Seattle, Bend-Oregon, and Honolulu-Hawaii.

Happy Mothers' Day

It was started from her kindness and caring that why we have Bai Tong Thai restaurant family here. So, we all want to thank Mae Mui, who we admire as our mother, and we want to honor her as a giver to all Bai Tong Thai restaurant and Noi Thai Cuisine employees. Happy Mother’s Day to you all!

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