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Celebrate to All Who Graduate!

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

It’s time to celebrate to all students for their big success

The graduation time starts from the first week of May until the first week of June. It’s time for us to say congratulations to all students who complete school. This time is a time that family and friends want to celebrate their loved ones for the hard work and effort that they all put into school. Every transition from preschool until college deserves the celebration because every state of education is not that easy for everyone to get through. Many students put all their effort and time into education. Some sacrifices their happiness for it. This successful event in people’s lives means a lot for all students. It’s a sign of the next step in their life. The new journey is going to start. So, all the Bai Tong Thai restaurants and Noi Thai Cuisine family want to congratulate everyone who graduated in the class of 2022. We wish you all the best and want to support you to become successful in the next stage of your life. Congratulations guys!!

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