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Happy Father’s Day

Updated: Jun 18, 2022

Little girl with her first superhero (dad)

He is your first superhero!

Throwback to the time we all were young. We didn't really know that superheroes existed, but our dad. His love and care make us feel that he is our all-time superhero. Then when we start to grow up and do things by ourselves, it seems like we don’t need help from our all-time superheroes anymore.

Indeed, dad is the only man who is willing to be with his children for the rest of his life. Every success, happiness, and hard time that we had been through, he is the man who is always there to support us. It's true that everyone has a different version of dad, but without him, we won't have us today.

Family celebrate Father's Day

Being a father isn’t easy. It takes a lot of responsibility, patience, and love. So, on every third Sunday of June, it’s time for us to show our dad how much we appreciate his hard work to provide for his family. One of the best ways to make him happy is to spend time with him by taking him to eat delicious food for his special day. Our Bai Tong Thai restaurants and Noi Thai Cuisine. every location wants to celebrate Father’s Day by serving amazing Thai food and creating a memorable time for all fathers. We want to offer each Dad a complimentary Thai iced tea or Thai iced coffee when you bring him to dine with us this Father’s Day.

Happy Father’s Day to you all!!

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