In 1989, the original Bai Tong started as a small restaurant near the Sea-Tac airport by the former Thai Airways flight attendant, Chanpen Lapangkura. She called her restaurant ‘Bai Tong’, which means banana leaf in Thai.

The main purpose was to cater to Thai Airways crew members. She brought in top restaurant chefs from Bangkok and fed the flight crew meals like the ones they had back home.

Her business grew, and she relocated to a former root-beer restaurant and drive-in by the airport’s north end.

Today, Bai Tong is the standard for authentic Thai food in the Seattle area. We promise to keep improving, striving to offer the absolute best Thai cuisine to our customers.


I want to offer my heartfelt thanks to all our customers who have supported Bai Tong Restaurant for these many years.


In all this time, my goal has been to cook truly authentic Thai food, so that my customers can experience the same delicious recipes that Thai people enjoy in Thailand.

I promise to passionately hold onto this goal and offer only the absolute best Thai food to my customers.


Chanpen   Lapangkura

Mui - Founder 


Bai Tong Tai Restaurant original owner